mxGuard for Mail Servers

What is mxGuard?

mxGuard for Mail Servers is a mail server “plug-in” that adds anti-virus scanning and anti-spam filtering capabilities to your mail server. Protects unlimited domains and users.

How it works

Once installed, the mail server will pass each message to mxGuard and it will scan the message to see if it contains a virus, worm or other exploit (configurable by mail server administrator).

If the message does contain a virus, worm or exploit, mxGuard will safely quarantine or delete the message (configurable by the mail server administrator).

All other messages are then passed to the native spam filter and optional 3rd party filters where a series of tests are performed to determine if the message is likely to be junk mail. These tests are configurable by the mail server administrator.

If the message is determined to be junk mail, mxGuard can quarantine, delete or inject the message back into the mail server message queue for final delivery to the user. As you would expect, this is configurable by the mail server administrator.

By default, mxGuard will simply mark the messages as spam and return them to the mail server message queue for delivery to the user. This allows the user to respond accordingly using delivery rules provided by the mail server itself or with client side rules such as those found in MS-Outlook, Thunderbird, etc…

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